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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

And Cleopatra's Secret is...Papyrus!

cleopatra secrets

I guess Cleopatra was probably around for the age of papyrus as a writing surface...but judging form the store and the rest of the sign looks like a bit of a miss.

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  1. The classic image of Cleopatra rising from an unrolled rug, made famous by playwright George Bernard Shaw, is based on an ancient story but has been altered for dramatic effect. The incident is only one of many differences between the image of this great queen and her actual life. In reality, Cleopatra sought the help of a faithful servant to carry her past palace guards and into Julius Caesar's presence, bundled in soiled linen. Cleopatra had to be rather little to be so well hidden and transported. The common perception that she was a stunning beauty is based on ancient texts. Cleopatra VII was compared to Isis, an Egyptian deity associated with Aphrodite and Venus. We have SimCity-like games in our site.


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