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Friday, December 26, 2008


focaccia crisps

Aaaand boxing day. Staples. Gift basket? Papyrus? Really?

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  1. The plant was also carved into stone on temples and monuments, signifying life and immortality, since the Egyptian afterlife, known as the Field of Reeds, was considered to resemble the lush Nile River Valley down to the profusion of papyrus. The papyrus plant's reeds are what the term 'Field of Reeds' refers to. The papyrus thicket, on the other hand, signified the unknown and chaotic powers. To symbolize the enforcement of order over chaos, kings are frequently shown hunting on the Delta's papyrus fields. The papyrus fields' dark and mysterious aspect was frequently used as a theme in mythology. We have Among US PC version for you.


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