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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Durty Nelly's Papyrus-ing in Halifax

durty nellys halifax

Wow. Halifax's favourite font strikes again! Durty Nelly's? Not only is this just terrible, Papyrus is probably the least suited font for the job. Fail.

Update: Got a message on our Flickr account where we host the pics from a tajpan33, Halifax, stating:
"We are the owners of Durty Nelly's. We feel that this picture is used out of context. As the owners of Durty Nelly's we feel that this wrongly represents our product. We would appreciate the removal of this image from flickr and any other accounts.

Thanks for your understanding."
But it's Papyrus!


  1. haha! I hope you emailed them back saying that!

  2. So you troll around Halifax to find pictures of a particular font, then criticize people for using it? And you have an entire website devoted to this?

  3. I love it! Even worse than Papyrus is Copper Plate Gothic Bold. Everyone in Halifax uses this annoying font! PLEASE STOP!

  4. Anonymous, it's not trolling at all, more like a game, and peolpe send photos in from all over, please see the map. Sorry you made a bad font choice, it happens to the biggest of em

    Haha, and Robert, thank you! There is a lot of Copperplate around too eh...


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