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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Finally, a Good Use of Papyrus!

Pacer Papyrus

Friends of Papyrus Watch at The Pacer, school newspaper of the University of Tennessee at Martin sent in this lovely section on pet peeves. Their advertising manager/designer's pet peeve? Papyrus! Plus the notorious Comic Sans, along with what I call the Easter Font, Hobo Std.

I was told this was probably the first time Papyrus has ever appeared in their paper, and in this case I of course approve. Brilliant. Thanks for sending this in, we got a huge kick out of it.

Oh, and I also hate it when people take an elevator up one floor, unless they're in a wheelchair on or crutches or something.


  1. Only FYI, I have a permanent disability parking permit, an expensive scooter that insurance didn't cover, a wheelchair--and I can walk, but just a little. I have an "invisible disability." I get a fever every day that gets worse with activity, and a rare disease similar to lupus: Adult Onset Stills Disease. But when I "just" had fibromyalgia, I had none of the equipment but often still needed the parking space, and occasionally got yelled at. If you see someone walking out of a disability parking space, a real disabled person won't mind if you say excuse me then kindly ask for their disability id card, which in the state of WA at least is required to use the permit. Invisibly disabled people deal with a lot of prejudice, but never get shown on those expose programs showing misuse of spaces. Not exactly what you were refering to, but related to the glares I do feel on those few remaining days I can walk out of the elevator on the second floor.

  2. Hobo std, he he he, funny because its awful and sounds like a Hobos Sexually transmitted disease.

    Now where are the droids with the hidden death star plans?


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