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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

European Crepes and Papyrus Waffles

European Crepes and Papyrus Waffles

We've known of this one for a long time, and finally I walked by it on the Halifax boardwalk. One of the first local sightings, before this site, that built the list that would create it.

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  1. omg. I just came to this site by googling this creperie because I am currently making crepes and wanted to fold them like this place does.

    Anyways, I actually had a "is that really Papyrus?!" moment earlier this week, and I will have to take a picture and send it in. Giant papyrus letters carved IN MARBLE! With old sandstone arches around it that I am assuming they salvaged from an old school they must have replaced, in Amherst NS. So apparently stone-carvers have gotten a-hold of it. How much do you want to bet that there are papyrus headstones in the works as I type?


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