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Friday, May 29, 2009

xkcd Papyrus!

Hilarious! Oh xkcd, our worlds finally collide. How cool is that. Thanks to Emma, Jeff, and Will for leaving this for me to wake up to. Coincidentally I was scanning the card aisle this morning for Papyrus cards, nothing yet, but it's there, somewhere.


  1. If Papyrus (or any other font) makes typography snobs twitch, using it is a good thing. We need fewer snobs...

  2. We need fewer well trained typographers?

    wow you should have just wrote that comment in papyrus

  3. People that can name fonts are cute.

    You may just need to find yourself a less-stressful hobby than documenting uses of fonts you hate.

    ...or you could start a second site documenting uses of "Sand".

  4. I don't see how this can be stressful at all. If anything this person seems to be having fun making fun of all that stuff.

    You know, YOU should find a less stressful hobby than being a jerk on the internet. And being fat.

  5. Witness the xkcd effect. This site just dodecupled its daily traffic.

  6. Stressful? The font's everywhere! It's such an identifiable font and it comes with Windows (or used to), that's the issue. Now you'll all be spotting this font everywhere too ;)

  7. if you don't know why this is is stressfull, then get the F*** off this site. You have something called "free-will" which means you can choose NOT to read this. so, don't.
    And don't hate things you don't understand.


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