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Monday, June 15, 2009

Donate Blood for Ice Cream

donate blood

Josh got this in an email ad. I think the whole thing is just plain awful too. Not that I'm against donating blood, in fact i wish this was a better ad. Very unfitting font, and free ice cream for blood?


  1. Creepy! It looks like an ancient Dracula made this flyer. No way would I donate blood. Not even for ice cream.

  2. I think when people give blood, they immediately need a sugar boost.

  3. It grosses me out to associate ice cream with blood. Just gross!!!

  4. That's true, Anonymous, but then why don't they just give you the ice cream?

  5. I was once offered a coupon for a local frozen yoghurt shop after donating, so there may be something to the sugar boost. Tasted good.

    God, the blue URL is unreadable, and 'everyday' should be two words here.


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