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Friday, June 26, 2009

Papyrus Landscapes

Driftwood Landscape

Driftwood Landscape, actually, wants you to give them a call in the convincing font of Papyrus. To be honest I'd love to have that outdoor living space pictured in the ad above, but on second thought...


  1. That whole ad has a bad case of "we have the font on our computer, let's use it!" I count at least 5 different fonts there -- the top headline, the Papyrus underneath, a serif font for "Free Estimates", the Helvetica in the company logo, and the sans-serif URL. The phone number on the right might be the same font as the URL, I'm not sure; if not, that's a sixth. Incredibly poor graphic design.

  2. lol you're right, that's a lot of fonts, "Hmm, oh look at this one! Use that too..."


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