Papyrus Watch

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Little Knits

papyrus little knits

Sam sent us this screenshot of which she love, but sadly is in Papyrus.

Medici! And other fancy apartment complexes...


Ben from Fontalicious (who's site you need to check out by the way, it's amazingly fantastic and has brightened my day just looking at it) sent us all these crazy-fancy-apartment complex in LA with signage all in Papyrus (I mean it, they're nuts, check out and All the millions of dollars spent building these and their logos or word marks should have been hand carved in stone.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

4th of July Kettle Korn!


Tyler spotted these on the beach on the 4th of July (can you tell we've been bombarded with Papyrus lately...and real work too, I swear I have a job). Although I sure could go for some kettle corn right now, I'd be a bit torn on the spot.

Papyrus Yoga

Papyrus sighting in Overland Park, Kansas

Julia snapped this in Kansas, thanks to the help from her son in identifying the font. She points out the unattractiveness of the sign and I totally agree...all caps, and watch your kerning...

YC's Mongolian Grill

YC's Restaurant Papyrus

Apparently the Mongolians ate in a sort of assembly line in which they got their food, added their favourite sauce, and then hand it over to someone to cook. YC's Mongolian Grill decided to use Papyrus for this sign and parts of their wesite. Also I find "get sauced" a little too funny, on their how to page (Papyrus of course).

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Papyrus at the zoo

zoo sign
From a distance.

zoo sign zoom
...and of course up close. Papyrus. Photo taken by David in Texas at the Houston Zoo, for a vulture. How do you like that...

Disney Papyrus banner ad

disney ad on amazonpapyrus

This one was caught by Brett on we have a Disney ad in Papyrus. Seriously. Doesn't even look official. And when he clicks on it? Definitely not a Papyrus on parchment decorative font kinda deal. Consistency fail.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Angela's Oven

angelas oven

In Houston, Texas David confirms that Papyrus is still around him. Here we have another bakery Papyrus usage in the popular food category for Angela's Oven (also has Papyrus logo. That food looks good though, those pics should be front and center!)

Bigelow again with Orange & Spice Herb Tea

Bigelow orange and spice tea

More Papyrus use from Bigelow courtesy of David in Houston. Apparently it's on this whole product line of herbal teas.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Olive Garden Papyrus?

Olive Garden

Megan finds more Papyrus, this time yes, at Olive Garden. At least it's not toooo prominent, but really, what's with big brands using Papyrus?

They better be affordable websites...

affordable websites

When I saw this submission of Papyrus on the side of a truck advertising a Web design company, Bulkley River Web Design in BC, of course the first thing I did was check out their website (actually the first thing I did was show my other typography and design friends). But anyway, thanks to James for sending this to Papyrus Watch.

I must congratulate them on using leading caps, I'd say it's probably a good URL (even though it's in Papyrus, it's big enough to read and pretty straightforward). Their website isn't bad, aside from the Papyrus logo, followed by some Copperplate, of course.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Royal Grounds

Kristin snaped this at Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota who points out the awesomely original name for a coffee shop combines with the greatly overused typeface, Papyrus. Someone tried real hard on this one. Thanks Kristen!
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