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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Maine + Food Establishments = Papyrus City

When people as about this site I tell them that they'll start seeing Papyrus everywhere they go. It happened to us, after the first sighting around Halifax I saw a couple more, then another sign and joked about starting a blog or something. Time passed and more Papyrus kept popping up, I don't know if we were just noticing it more, or it was gaining popularity in desktop publishing and cheap designs. So anyway, we ended up making a blog!

One of our avid Papyrus Watchers, Drew, tripped through Maine and it was loaded with Papyrus. I'm going to post the food-related sightings here because there's so many and it's funny.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Papyrus the sign of end of times

Found this post on the Sacred Sandwich, made me lol. Definitely check it out:

New Barna Study: Overused Typeface Gains Foothold in U.S. Churches

Friday, September 11, 2009


The Papyrus likely distracted Amy from another fatal flaw of this product, so first and foremost I have to point out the equation on the top of this thing: 1x2+3 does not equal 6, it equals 5. FAIL. I know exactly what this of those motivational plaques. The insincerity I feel here reminds me of the best XKCD comic ever ;)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Discovery Centre Great Ape Tour

I spotted this one walking by the Discovery Centre in Halifax. It was just a slightly creepy thing in the corner of my eye, then of course the Papyrus. I think we're the Papyrus Capitol of Canada.

Gotta get the map straightened out, Flickr is pretty limiting in the number of photos shown at once it seems, open to alternatives!

Papyrus is from the Heart

From the Heart Garden brings us a Chocolate Viola, which is a plant (looks like a violet) not a candy. Looks like this is the company's logo too, which is unfortunate. Amy spotted this at a thrift store, and there's more coming. I've got a couple gems buried somewhere on my phone, also from a thrift store.

Golden Harbour Cajun Remolu...wha?

Ok I sincerely don't know what this is without googling it which I will do after this, don't you worry. I like it though because it spells Harbour the Canadian way. Oddly enough I spell color the American way, because of HTML and CSS. So there you have it. Sent in by one of our favourite Papyrus Watchers Amy! Oh by the way the Papyrus cheapens it, but reinforces the all natural aspect...hmm...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009



Janine, an avid Papyrus watcher and first time visitor grabbed us this compost tumbler from this site dedicated to composters. It almost looks kinda right.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009



Holy lame. This company just tried to jam way too many words into one. This is an example of when trying way too hard to be clever results in severe confusion and unusable/unreadable products.

100% Freshness

This is a bit of an unusual appearance for food Papyrus. We normally see it on organic foods or produce, so these pork chops are a bit of a surprise. Thanks to Amy who nabbed a ton of shots!

Papyrus Furniture

Nathan sends us this great sign about living your life. Just like everyone else, is what you're saying then?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

PeRfect TiMing


This shot sent in by our friend Torley showcases an odd treatment to the much overused Papyrus font. I really don't get why they used the "camel case" but it doesn't add credibility to their case. It's almost like looking at a kid's Halo 3 gamer tag on Xbox Live. Sadly, I think the storefront looks pretty nice otherwise. Perhaps they should pick a typeface that isn't based on an age where timing was probably less than perfect. loves Papyrus

MacGames UK - for your Apple Macintosh

Oh my no! I don't like to associate Papyrus with Mac stuff (although apparently it was included as one of the default system fonts years ago, which may be part of the explanation of the font's overuse). But anyway, look at this site, it's completely Papyrus! C'mon now, that's just inexcusable. Thanks to Paul for bringing this to our attention.

Papyrus on Tim and Eric, a good match

Tim and Eric

How could we forget about this one! Nick grabbed the screenshot of Zach Galifianakis on Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job. A favourite show here at Papyrus Watch. We believe they used this font as ironic awesomeness.

PS. To tell you the truth, we love it.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Simplify your life. Really though, oceanside lots sound great as long as there's no Papyrus when I get there.
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