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Friday, December 18, 2009

Papyrus on American Dad

In a rather epic episode of American Dad (Season 5 Episode 9: Rapture's Delight) some kind of religious thing happens and Stan misses it and is left behind on Earth. As you can see, "7 years later" Earth has gone to shit and the story continues on an apocalyptic Earth. I've never been a huge fan of American Dad, but this one's worth watching, to witness the Papyrus for yourself at least. Can't tell if it's someone trying to be funny of if they legitimately thought this font was great.


  1. The font certainly gives you a sense of the degradation of humanity after the apocalypse, so it's probably applicable in that sense. Still, I can only give it a forgivable.

  2. Perhaps it's a nod to the overuse of Papyrus in some Christian circles (see post #60 on the blog Stuff Christian Culture Likes).

  3. I have to agree with dwarg here, lol, yes! And layeredlemon has a very valid point, churches love Papyrus.

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