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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Papyrus on Letterman

Well, Michael caught this on Letterman last night. Inspired by Avatar? A joke?

Speaking of Avatar's use of Papyrus, I wonder if it will be subject to enough criticsm to get the attention of some guilty designers, perhaps slowing the growth of it's usage? Or will it open the floodgates of  acceptance leading us into the Decade of Papyrus? Interesting indeed, these times we're in.


  1. I’d be happy to slow the growth of usage of the wrong “its.”

  2. No real designer, especially one that has studied typography, would ever use papyrus in seriousness. I've been required to use it in a couple jobs because the client already had a logo that used it, was in love with it and demanded we use it elsewhere, but never by choice.

    The proliferation of papyrus is due more to the use of more affordable desktop publishing and photo editing software. And because it's a preloaded font on most systems, like comic sans.

  3. i would be happy to see this font never used again. as a professor of type it offends me to see this typeface used so many times.

    I don't know if our design starts are lowering or do designers not care anymore.

  4. @Joe I was going to suggest you make a website about it ;) but

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