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Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's Papyrus

That is, "pa-py-rus". Do you know anyone that says "pap-rus"? The y is not silent! We know a couple people, actually, maybe three now... So yeah? Papyrus!

Check off "likes it" if you're money's on "pa-py-rus", or
Check off "unacceptable" if you honestly think it's "pap-rus".


  1. I have never heard anyone pronounce it "pap-rus." Ridiculous.

  2. I've heard it before, but then again I've also heard "papery-us." Yes. Crazy.

    Oh papyrus watch, I have so much to send to you. This horrible font seems to keep following me around.


  3. pft you can totally tell a marketer when they blog, you started this off completely biased. PFT

  4. @Amy Damn, I've also heard that one...

    @vie Oh pfft, it's right that's why!

  5. The first time I was forced to use papyrus by a client, she would call it "pappy - russ" and a small piece of me would die. Then whenever I'd say it I'd say "pa - pie - russ" and she'd correct me, you mean "pappy - rus"?

    She never did figure it out.

  6. most boring website ever created, good job.

  7. >Check off "likes it" if you're
    >money's on "pa-py-rus"

    You do realize that it's "your", not "you're", right?


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