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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Logo Design Contest!

Prize? How not to design a logo! Or a design contest poster, or choosing appropriate typefaces...etc. Hopefully. Thanks to Brett for sending this our way (and from the local coffee shop, of course).


  1. Allthough they represent a very useful project, these people really are the natural enemies of designers. Not only do they use Papyrus in a crazy mix with other fonts, but they incite people to draw them logo proposals for free in exchange for some smug prizes. Sadly, they probably consider it a very cummunitarian approach.

  2. The winner gets to redesign this leaflet!

  3. Friend, I really impressed with your post, I really like this so much. Logo designing is one of the most important aspects of branding and every smart business firm lets it to be designed by the hands of experts. Thanks for sharing this.


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