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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Papyrus tattoo for real?

duh nuh...

and yeah

Well, pics and it happened right? An actual Papyrus tattoo? Having a rather hard time with this. Evolution? I don't know, too much going on here. Great capture though, thanks Kate for nabbing this and Christian for sending it in. This happened, right?


  1. How did Christian refrain from punching this guy? Haha.

  2. Oh dear... You HAVE to be kidding me.

  3. I sort of wonder if this is from that tattoo book project going around a few years back. A friend of mine got the word "The" or "and" or something tattooed on herself. I thought it was weird but at least she didn't get it tattooed in papyrus.

  4. This ranks up there with the 75 million tattoos out there using ALL CAPS BLACKLETTER, which has somehow become cool and sorta gansta-ish. Man, if you're going to permanently alter your body, invest a little time and money on getting it right! Pay a decent designer to create you a custom logotype. That is the one thing you won't regret about your tat after 40 years.

  5. He will regret that forever.

  6. Is the menu in Comic Sans? I see reciprocal link possibilities...

    1. Yes - the menu in comic sans behind the papyrus tattooed arm. My sarcasm generator needs to be upgraded to handle this workload.

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