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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Science Works...

...but Papyrus doesn't really work as a font for science, unless it's Egyptian archeology, maybe. Thanks to Jon for sending this in, I got a bit of a lol out of the shirt.


  1. Definitely unacceptable, it's not even a science-y or tech-y looking font. :|

  2. Must be a joke. xkcd sells "Science: It works, bitches" shirts based on this strip ( ), and also has this strip ( ) about Papyrus. It's an inside joke for hardcore xkcd fans, I think.

  3. It's a stolen shirt design and a poor interpretation.

  4. Yes -- what John said. The original is more like this: (I believe this one is official.)

    Found this post while looking for the font of THAT image, because the Papyrus ones on Cafepress make my eyes bleed.


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