Papyrus Watch

Friday, July 30, 2010

Hey remember Avatar?

Well, Kyle made this for us recently, just to show, yet again, that with a few minutes of tweaking you can get James Cameron's $200 million Avatar font. Not that just because something is big means you have to spend a ton of time on it to make it good, but you know, originality is good too.


  1. This is just amazing. I'm beside myself.

  2. Yeah when this came out I thought it was a joke. No kidding.

  3. More interestingly, although the title face is a derivative of Papyrus (so I guess you can almost get away with it), all of the subtitles are set in the original Papyrus. I thought it was a joke, too.

  4. Who is the idiot that said that this was forgivable?


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