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Monday, July 12, 2010

The Story of Standing Cloud

The other day we got an email from David of Standing Cloud. As it turns out their logo is Papyrus and they were turning themselves in after being totally bombed by comments as much or more about the font then the actual service in this TechCrunch article about the company.

Interestingly enough, David took it pretty well and responded to the issue in the comments:
I failed to heed prior warnings about this issue and we will now have to pay our debt to society. In response to your comment and others, I have voluntarily turned myself in to the authorities at PapyrusWatch (, and we are already making plans to update the logo to something attractive and sensible. I hope you favor rehabilitation over punishment and would be willing to try the service, or at least read the article, despite our aesthetic transgression.
So we wrote him back, and turns out they're putting up the job on 99designs for $395. So if you're ok with spec work and/or want to help them out, go check it out here (there's actually a couple there now that read "Stranded Cloud"...ouch). Ok lets make it right.


  1. "So we wrote him back, and turns out their putting up the job on 99designs for $395."


    Google their vs they're to learn more.

  2. Damn, that's not even the first time, and we're adamant about that too.

  3. Wow... first they use papyrus and now they are using spec work websites... Yikes

  4. Jeez, 99designs? I'd rather he kept the papyrus logo.

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