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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Exit the gift shop

Been seeing Papyrus making its way onto shirts lately, half the time it's when I'm at a thrift store. But here's on sent in by Brandon that I'm guessing is form the gift shop at Arches National Park. Pretty far from awesome.


  1. It so happens that I'm a classicist. I have done quite a bit of work with manuscripts from the 2nd and 3rd centuries. Enough that my handwriting has been influenced by the writing of that period. Now papyrus was, indeed manufactured in Egypt, and it happens that almost all papyrus form that period comes from Egypt (because of the desert), but people wrote like that all over the Roman Empire, so its misleading to associate the font with Egypt, as many people seem to do. Now, there area many specialized fonts like Latiun that look more like ancient handwriting than papyrus does, but they generally only have 26 characters, and can't be used as an ordinary font for general purposes. Papyrus tries to evoke the semi-uncial handwriting of the Imperial period, and also has all all the features of a regular commercial font. Why do you web designers hate it so badly?

  2. This isnt even real papyrus typeface...


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