Papyrus Watch

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Where'd this Papyrus come from?

We talk about this often in the design industry, looking at other work, etc. and deciding whether it's good or not. We can be really critical of course, so I usually refer to something as over the line or not (that is, acceptable or not). This is one of those cases. Kris sent this is as 'horrid' but I don't really think it's that bad overall, save for the Papyrus, which really makes me wonder even more than usual how it happened. There's some Rosewood Fill too, which I kind of like. At the beginning of the year I predicted we'd be seeing more of it throughout the year and I've been spotting it more often, but hasn't really been overdone.


  1. Now listen if this boat was engineered to very stringent safety standards, a papyrus front would have been right out. No cardboard, or cardboard derivatives. Otherwise it's likely that papyrus front will fall right off.


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