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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oven Fresh Papyrus Pizza

Erica have you eaten this pizza and if so is it good? Some of the best pizza joints and take out places I've ordered from have the worst designs, if any design at all. The local burrito place has a website adorned with Comic Sans and MS Paint work and I still love it (though the inside is rather nice yet unfancy, and full disclosure: I ate there before going to their website). Nevertheless, Papyrus Pizza wouldn't be my absolute first choice. Or would it? Oh, and "Oven" is redundant, no?


  1. Amateur graphic design = more money left for quality ingredients, expert chefs and state-of-the-art equipment.

  2. What I find to be even worse is the thoughtless abuse of leading here. Not only does it show that whoever designed this is amateur at best, but it also glaringly points out the really awful typography skill at play here. The way that n and h collide shows total ignorance of creating pleasing axial relationships. How much better would this have looked (Papyrus aside for a moment) if the designer lined up the stems of the k, n, and h without smushing them together? Ugh.

  3. Forgivable only if the pizza is good. Otherwise, I quote the queen in Alice in Wonderland.

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